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Manager’s Work is Never Done

I can see the light. This arc is almost over. XD *throws confetti* Only the second half of the concert to go. Whoo~

The only thing I care about today though is that first panel. I love how it turned out.

Well, not the only thing. I’m also still hung up on Jonathan Crane – check him out in “Harley’s Holiday” from Season 3 of Batman The Animated Series.

“Hello child. WORSHIP ME AS A GOD!” – Scarecrow.

I love him so much. T_T

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton


Are they running because she’s good, or are they running because they don’t want to miss any of Boudica’s glorious, glorious music? Either way.

<3 Boudica so.


I think they’re running because Margaret is hardcore. XD

And you think Brat would have more sense that to physically assault her super-strong brother. I know he wouldn’t hurt her but it’s not like she’s going to “win” or anything. XD


Wait a sec… Isn’t that basically the same as the green dress that Geoffry said showed too much skin on page 124?


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