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Many Were Lost

I’m all drawn out. XD First some fanart for Avernyght on Friday and then I drew my Milk in the Pantry Secret Santa gift Satuday. Even though I got WAM done early, I’m still tired. XD


Reader Participation Time: What book is Sedrick reading? Now for the kicker: And Why?

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Sonic Boom” by…I have no clue. I got the song on a McDonald’s Toy CD when I was little that I can’t find. >.>


Sonic Boom is the opening song (and ending song, there are two different versions that have different music but the same lyrics) for the Sega CD game Sonic CD. Wikipedia says that the song is performed by three female vocalists that called themselves “Pastiche” (

You can see the intro video for the game, a short cartoon, here on Youtube:

I enjoy the comic a lot, please keep it up ^_^


What, no replies? Weird.

Hmm, what book… um… all I can think is maybe The Prince, by Machievelle. How else could he be a really effective friend to an evil world conqueror. *ahem* I mean, advisor. Yes, advisor.


Ha ha, I love that they don’t care at all about other peoples property.

Sedrick’s reading I Am America (And So Can You!) because he’s such big Stephen Colbert fan. XD

And “Sonic Boom” was performed by Pastiche. That game has an amazing soundtrack; now if only I could play it on Windows Vista. T_T


Sedrick is reading a book of short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe because he has an appeciation for the mysterious, elegant and creepy literature in 19th-century Gothic Romance. Also because the bicentennial of Poe’s birthday is coming up next month. Hurrah!


“Not our ceiling.” Ha ha ha! That sounds lke something that would come up in a conversation with my rommate… and her friends….


Sedrick’s reading the first dead-tree version of TAWM/WAM because something awful happened at the end of it and he’s in the middle of pulling a Church. You do realize that at the end of this arc you’ll have drawn enough of these to actually release as a book, right? :D

Hmm. Are you building toward something with Hnaef, Liliy?


I’m pretty sure the mini-Cd with the Sonic boom song got chucked in the move, but it could still be in the stack of Liliy CDs I did not throw a way.

Don’t know any books with purple covers.


He is reading Morris Goes To School by B. Wiseman.

Why: well obviously it has life survival skills in it. Like how to count, what a song is. The difference between a railroad and a ladder. how to spell Moose. Which bathroom to go in. finding out how B is not the one that stings. how to finger(hoof) paint. learning what comes after 8. While playing make beleive, dressing up as a coat closet will always get a kick out of your classmates, and that you can’t talk with your mouth full of gumdrops.

you know what everyone needs to know :P :lol: :lol2: =D :happy: :D


I figure he’s reading ‘Visions in Death’ by J.D. Robb. As for the why: it’s a really good murder mystery book…that plus the fact that it has some similarities to his life in a way i gues… well…just read it and you’ll get what i mean, i’d try and explain but i got a class in a few minutes


Since you seemed interested in hearing it again, “Sonic Boom” is available on iTunes. The Album it’s in is “Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition)”


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