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Maria Is So Amused

In all sincerity though, I think Jade and Wiglaf would get along great. And I can’t stop thinking about it. Ha ha ha ha. Boss would never allow that, though. He’s possessive. Just low-key about it.


This has me curious. Can someone co-own an artifact so they can see and communicate with it as well as make use of its abilities if holding it?

Also, I can see Jade ending up being left with Wiglaf by the end of this arch. XD


Wouldn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of artifacts being companions to just one person? Boss seems pretty insistent on that…


Yes. But they didn’t foresee there being magic to allow someone to break their rules. I honestly think the cult just jumped at the first thing that worked to their liking and never really checked on their being anything to ruin their wants.


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