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Materialism Wins

Thanks to everyone who wished me a “Happy 1500 Strips!” over the last page. I had been so tired I didn’t realize I hit another milestone. I still remember when my mom baked me a cake for my first 500 strips. :D

Let’s keep going to 2000~ With all the ups and downs, I do still love WaM and I’m grateful that you are all still reading.

Edit: Materialism wins and I…am tired. Summer hours are over at work so my Fridays are long again (we were doing a thing where we worked extra hours Mon-Thurs to get off earlier on Friday). So it was already a long day (some stressful stuff came up at work which is never great on a Friday) and then a Friend invited me out. Friend thing is good, but I got home super late. Long story short I’m about to pass out and WaM is not happening. I will see you guys Sunday. :D

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