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Maybe Even Bigger

Edit: Thanks for all the well wishing! Still waiting to hear back about the car, but we’ll see. And lookie! Color. You all can actually talk about the comic now instead of the mess below. XD Whee~

And my new nickname at work is “Crash” – I can’t tell if that’s sad or horribly amusing.

So yeah~ If you’re following my twitter you probably heard about all the excitement Mon/Tue. XD For those of you who don’t here’s a brief recap minus all the gritty details:

Monday night – Car got clipped while crossing a road and by the grace of God alone I walked away with only a few bruises and a bump to the head. Car? Not so much. Everything from the front wheels forward basically got ripped off. I’m 90% sure I’m getting a phone call back saying my car is totaled for good. *salutes Roy – Roy being the name of my car*

Overall opinion of event? Quick. Man. Never saw the other car. Was driving like normal and then BAM! Saw white (which I’m now thinking was the airbag) and the car was facing the wrong direction and my glasses are dangling off my face (looking back – it was a picture perfect anime moment. Blank staring forward and glasses hanging on with one side. I can laugh at it now b/c I was fine. XD) But yeah. I didn’t even realize my car’d been hit until I noticed the gear shift wouldn’t move and that my car had completely spun around to face the wrong direction on the one-way road. Heck, the other car had gotten so far away I didn’t even know where it was until the second ambulance showed up (the other driver wasn’t injured either!).

Anyway; end story is I’m fine save for being a little sore & I want to give a shout out to my local police & rescue squads because they were awesome & helpful!

Tuesday Morning: I took the first part of work off to take care of all that fun stuff like calling my insurance and finding out where that tow car took my car last night. Managed to find my car & empty it of all my belongings (and got to see the damage in the light. *whistle* Not pretty.) and then my Dad was awesome and took me to lunch.

Tuesday Afternoon: Had a laugh about car at work & shared pictures b/c they all knew about it thanks to an email sent Monday night. We spent about an hour talking about it so overall it was a good way to start the afternoon since I was pretty busy catching up the rest of the day. XD Whee~

So yeah~ Despite all that I don’t really have an excuse for only posting a sketch save for I’m just tired. XD Been busy.

Either way – I blame today’s WaM on my brother because he wanted this strip to happen. It’s his fault.

And to those of you who made it through all of the above to the content that actually dealt with the comic? You are the true fans and I love you. And I love all the other readers too on principal.

But if you really want to see color go see this drawing I did of Tracks and ‘Freerun’ from Transformers because it’s the first time I’ve drawn a TF and been happy about it. *foam* I love Tracks. XD I want a Blue Corvette Stingray gosh darn it!

Are you all still reading?

Yesh~ I have control over you.

Song time!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Only You” by Josh Kelley


So glad you’re alright, and everyone else. :shocked: Sad Roy is probably destined for the scrap heap, though.

Driver doesn’t look happy in that last panel… XD


I hope you won’t abuse your new found powers of control over your readers.

Comic related: Wiglaf seems to have lost his mind.


Whoa, what a shocking collision! Sorry about your car, at least no one was hurt badly. Darn crazy drivers, they think they own the whole road. :omg:

Driver flaming with fury is great. :happy: Also, Wiglaf seems to find it very funny to emphasize how much he’s going to be bonding with Mordred without anyone else gumming up the works. XD


I’m glad you’re okay. The world would be considerably less without you and your comic.

By the way, nice strip. Wiglaf is now once again my favorite character.


Girl, I’ve been in (I think) eight different car accidents, and the only one that comes CLOSE to as nasty as yours sounds is the time I wrapped a car around a telephone pole (which survived intact and with only a slight bruise, btw – those telephone poles can be sturdy devils when they want to be!). I think you have every RIGHT to have a late update. Tsk.

And I think Wiglaf is deliberately taunting Driver this time. I mean, the look in his eyes in panel six? He was channeling Mordred there! =^-^= Which only goes to prove his earlier statement: being perfect is his shtick, not being good. ^^

I look forward to seeing the finished product in a day or two. Take care! ^^

Rob H.


Crazy driver on the road, crazy Driver in the comic, ^w^;;;
haha, wow no the wreck stinks, i’ve yet to be in a wreak dont soud fun


I read “car accident” I nearly freaked out. I am VERY glad you weren’t hurt.

“Getting closer. As friends.” :lol2: Wiglaf isn’t scared of Driver, is he?


Oh man! I’m glad you’re alright! *hugs* I’ve been in a near crash once…that is, another car rear-ended our van while we were on our way to the mall to help out with Angel Tree applications. I was in the back seat and got the worst of it. I felt like my head was a fish bowl and someone wouldn’t quit swirling the bowl. Ugh. I couldn’t stand up for twenty minutes. But you could actually walk away from it, that’s great!

(In my case, I was fortunate that medicine is much more effective on me in smaller doses. One ibuprofen and I was back to my normal self, if not somewhat grumpy about the accident.)


Condolences to you on the death of your car. :*( It died in the service of it’s mistress. Glad to know you’re okay, just be sure to report any after-effects to your doctor should they occur.


Glad to hear you’re ok, hopefully being without transportation won’t be too hard =/

Second to last panel? Classic. That sneaky look suits Wiglaf WAY too well. The fiery rage about Driver is very nicely done as well ^_^

Take it easy for a few days though, even if everything is ok its better to be safe =/


I’m another in the “glad you’re OK” column! I had an accident somewhat similar to yours…and I’m glad I wore my seatbelt and had an airbag. My glasses disappeared entirely (thank all that’s good for kind witnesses for finding them!)
I hope everything comes together quickly for you, cause it always sucks to have your car messed up.

Still, thanks for all the hard work you put into this comic!!! I wonder how much of Wiglaf will be left after Driver gets to him one night…. ;)


Yeah, I saw the hubbub about the car accident on your twitter. I’m glad you’re fine, and I hope your car Roy pulls through as well. I wouldn’t have been upset if there was no page at all today; you’re a real trooper. Anyway, the comic: it’s funny. I liked it.


Oh man, gotta love Wiglaf ^^
Glad that you came out alright in the crash! O.o
that must have been a shock.


Car crash?!?! Man, now I feel bad that I didn’t come to look at the update yesterday so I could say ‘glad you’re okay’ on time… but seeing the list I don’t think me not saying it makes much difference. :)

Now for the comic… How did I not see that Wiglaf was THIS evil… No wonder he just barely passed for Camlonn… :| :lol: Poor, poor Driver.


RE: This page — Mmm, shipteasing… You’re good to us. :lol2:

RE: The Accident — Oooh, things like that are major suck. Best of luck!


Poor car D: Glad you’re ok ^^ R.I.P. Roy!

I find it slightly amusing that my friend’s car died on her the day this comic was posted. We didn’t get in an accident, but it did make St. Patrick’s Day a bit more exciting O: There was an electrical fire under the hood and they had to tow it back to her place. Scariest moment was when we were turning the corner onto her road. Her car was refusing to go forward, so the guy towing it had the slam on the gas and drag it around the corner. Sufficed to say, my friend was NOT happy.

As for the comic, it’s awesome :lol: I love Wiglaf’s expression in the 6th panel :lol2: Makes me wonder about the “as friends” part :)


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