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Maybe Next Time

I worked from 7:30am to 8:10PM today (Tuesday). I’m going to go pass out now..but first some tired rambling as I try to stay awake…

I have the urge to watch Little Shop of Horrors. I think it came out in the comic. *cough*

Who’s the guy in the window? I’m not telling. :P It’s for a later story arc. *inserts evil exhausted laughter*

List of things Liliy shouldn’t do before drawing WAM:

1) Watch Cult Flicks

2) Say up all night the day before a 13 hour work day.

She draws random things and introduces more characters.

*passes out*


Killer plants- You must always be alert! Though, they make funny noises when grabbed by blond Swedes in chainmaille……

-gives Liliy pillow to pass out on-

More characters? -perks up- Those are always fun.


Hehehe. Reminds me of an old British horror film I saw before. Of course, in that story, the killer plant was not so easily thwarted as Wiglaf did here. XD

I wonder what kind of suit Wiglaf will wear to the concert.


Ah! Classic Wiglaf! He’s so sweet and accomplished.
XD This segues into that one picture from your gallery, doesn’t it?

Now to try and build an identity for Hands-in-the-Window (AKA “Hit-W,” “Hans,” and “The Gardener”). *Rubs hands in glee.* Who could this be? If the plant was targeting Wiglaf, it could either be a villain he defeated, returned for frustrated vengeance, or it could be a rival hero who was overshadowed by Wiglaf’s arrival. On the other hand, if the plant was targeting Mordred, the likely identities are much more numerous. Could it be a bitter victim or relative to a victim of one of Mordred’s pre-Wiglaf plots? Could it be a rival for publication in Mordred’s as-yet-little-mentioned-hobby-furthered-by-Arther? Could it be a rival for Brat’s affections? Or maybe it’s the mayor/chief-of-police trying to get rid of Mordred so that Wiglaf’s evenings are free for hero work again. Or! Or maybe it’s one of Mordred’s more morbid admirers trying to show affection! And if the plant targeted both Wiglaf and Mordred, it was probably some newspaper worker tired of writing only “Wiglaf heroic again” articles, and wanting something interesting to report.

I can’t wait to see who this is, Liliy! Is it someone who will eventually warrant a cast page, or will it be a plot-point character?


Ha ha, All I’m revealing about the new guy is his name (It is there *points above* …I just didn’t call it out. XD) …which in turn kinda associates him with one of my boys by default due to British Lit. geekiery. :D


#>_<# I can’t believe I missed that. I’m betting he was going after Wiglaf, in that case. Testing, maybe. Or just general assassination.

:D *Cheerful.*


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