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Maybe They’re Both Nuts?

Transformers. Specifically the Stunticons have brought this delay. *pets Motormaster* I love you, yes I do. *snuggles them* Tee hee. Color later. XD

But anyway. Gawain cute head tilt in bottom left frame = win. I’m very happy with that panel. :D

Oh, and I have been waiting so long to start hinting at Grace. So very long. *pets the sword*

Now to go to bed before I start cackling evily. Yay for posting at midnight!

Edit: Removed the rating stars. XD They apparently don’t work.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Baby Boy” by Me & My


Someone else can hear Grace? That is epic.

Gawain reminds me of a puppy here and I happen to really like Azrael’s expression in the bottom center panel.


So, does this mean that Azrael is also undead?

But he got Grace as a kid didn’t he? So if he’s undead he’d have to be of a sort that ages. There are no answers here, only more questions!


Woah, is that plot? Weird….

Anyway, I can’t seem to use the Rate buttons. It says “Thank you for voting”, but then it doesn’t do anything.


I think that ‘Maybe’ and the question mark should be deleted, because even if there is some logical explanation to all this, I still say they’re both bonkers. But they’re the lovable sort of bonkers :D


I bet Grace is demonic or possessed or something. :D

It makes perfect sense if you think about it: with the effects of all the blood and death sacrifices Azrael has given that sword, it would make sense that it might have some sort of supernatural effect that Azrael can connect to and Gawain, being supernatural himself, can pick up on… :sly:


XD I love the two of them yelling at the sword simultaneously. And you gave them a lot of great expressions throughout the strip.


So Grace can only be heard by undead and… Azrael?

You know, what is Azrael? It’s never really been confirmed that he’s human…

Or has it? Knowing me, I probably missed it.


I know I read this…. ages ago. ^^”

Well, I’m now about 24 comics behind! That’s like…. about 8-ish weeks behind. -_-” I gotta stop disappearing for so long. :P

Now, off to do a crap load of comic reading while I work on my RPG! :D


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