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Meddling Parent is Meddling

Vilhelm really has been hinting at Wiglaf to ditch the Garrott kid. XD Wiglaf just didn’t listen.

Aren’t misunderstandings grand? Ha ha ha. Actually, this sort of thing happens to a lot of people I know.

“How long have you two been dating?”

“Uh, we’re not.”

“Are you sure? I’m pretty sure you are practically married…”

“Dude, we’re just friends.”

“Are you sure?

To many, many friends. XD

Anyway. Tada! XD Motivation!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Biggering” by The 88.

Yes, I’m still fangirling over The Once-ler. XD


Oh my god I was laughing so hard at the first panels, that when I gotto the last three I laughed so hard I had to gasp for air!


okaaay,I figured that Mordred was chosen to become a weapon spirit, did not expect this to be the reason.
question- is the Garrot family still destitute from Sedrick’s actions? if not, this would be a very bad choice for Villheim’s organization.


As awesome the Garrots are, they appear to practice mundane villainy and don’t appear to be on the level of secret magic cabal that tells physics to bend over.


Mr. G knows Security; I’m betting he’s on the level of “secret magic cabal”


Security was actually intimidated by wiglaf’s dad when he threatened to bring in someone from the cabal to deal with him.


I love how morded is more concerned about not being good enough than about Vilhelm thinking that he’s dating wiglaf. It’s beautiful.


I love this page so much. XD

Mordred is such a vain little thing. *pets*

As others have said, there is nothing wrong with fangirling over the Onceler. It is a completely normal reaction to such amazing-ness.


Somewhere I saw something that said: survival instincts: 0 Male ego: 1. I’d say that the last scene fits this to a T!


Mordred, you are not helping your case any at all here xD


Also, didn’t someone once describe them as being ‘heterosexual life partners’? Or something like that?


I had…a really weird dream that involved the page following this.

There were 7 panels…The first was where Driver and Wiglaf stormed back home to find Mordred but then see that Mordred and Vil are wrestling with each other. Mordred had somehow gotten loose and Vil was trying to subdue him.

Vil was holding a pair of scissors and repeatedly snapping it at Mordred, while somehow only being able to cut his hair–and it ended up being a pretty good cut w/out the pink…Anyway, While Vil is just glaring angrily, Mordred is shouting at him while going between ‘what do you mean I’m not good enough’ and ‘wait we’re not dating’ in his screaming.

Suddenly, in the last panel Vil was looking all…like he belonged in a yaoi sweet-romance story, which then brought the comments all about…questioning Vil’s own sexuality and another part as to why he’s fine that his wife and best friend do it…
. ______.”

. . .What have you done to me~? ; O;


Funny, I was just thinking Mordred would look pretty good with short pink-less hair while I was reading this page.


I love how Mordred is much more irate over the idea that might not be good enough for Wiglaf than over the idea that he and Wiglaf are amorously involved. XD


He’s going to turn him into the same thing that Grace and the rest are! @__@

The plot thickens!


O.o I adore Mordreds hair in the last three panels… the way it halos around his head is just very aesthetically appealing to me.


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