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Meeting The Parents

Ha ha ha.

See Wiglaf’s world shatter on Wednesday. His life is such a soap opera.

…and he didn’t even know it. XD

*pats Mordred*

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“Firework” by Katy Perry


for some reason Mordred’s face in the last panel made me laugh a little too hard there (ow) the smug look is just too funny :P


lol, I love how it is the three parents all know and this is some sort of “open secret” that Wiglaf seems completely oblivious to. ^_^ Awsome as always!


Now if Vilhelm were to have tried to kill Lennart is some very silly way it would be like the soaps I watch.


Wow… I thought Wiglaf was pretty, but I never would have guessed he’d be pretty and stupid to this level…

I can’t wait to see Wiglaf’s reaction though I adore Mordred’s already! :D


Not exactly stupid in the classical sense though. He is not the drooling idiot or the math challenged ditz. His problem is that his sense / knowledge of social interaction is totally blind. That would explain his failure regarding the attention of various female protagonists in the past.


It’s very amusing to see all three of them fumbling for a response to Wiglaf’s query. Mordred’s smile is great.


Ah, poor poor Wiglaf, his world is just about to get shattered.
…So where is Bliss? ’cause i gotta say I haven’t seen her since before they got on the plane and last I knew she was still attached. I would also of thought that the Wiglaf’s family would have noticed a floating sphere…Unless… Maybe Wiglaf inherited that particular trait from all of them.


Poor Wiggy. It seems, the prettier someone looks, the fewer IQ points they’re given. Maybe it’s like D&D, where you can get a set number of points to distribute between stats? If you put lots of points into beauty and strength, the IQ suffers?

X_X *terminal D&D overdose* X_X


When I first saw that guy in the last strip, I thought he was an uncle or older brother or something… Wiglaf is some kind of special for not noticing that resemblance.


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