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Mid-Day Bath Fanservice

So tired…need shower…pray will wake up for work in the morning. XD

…I really just wanted to draw Sedrick without a shirt. But he totally takes luxurious baths in the middle of the day.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Demon Eyes” by The Answer


Arthur doesn’t know Mordred’s hair is pink? I wonder if he’ll refer to him as “The sister I always wanted” when he finds out? XD


lols xD. I’m guessing Arthur will be furiouse that his baby brother has had his hair dyed and will be utterlly outraged by the colour. Or he will see Mordred have a spaz attack and drag him to the nearest hairdresser. xD


XD I can’t wait to see Arthur’s face when he finds out Mordred’s hair is now pink. Sedrick had better tell him soon to soften the blow. XD

Boy, Hnaef’s intel service must be the envy of the world. He can learn about changes in people’s thinking within minutes after those changes happen! Every spy agency on earth wishes it had that capability.


Why do I have a feeling that, purely because of how panicked Hnaef and Sedrick now are, Arthur won’t even notice Mordred’s hair?


And all chaos spontaniously prepairs to erupt rather quickly.

Interesting decision on Mordred’s part. Wonder why he chose it… Maybe just to see how Arthur would react to his hair :D


My guesses as to how Aurther will react to Mordred’s pink hair are:

(1.) He won’t know him.

(2.) He won’t notice.

(3.) He’ll dye his hair the same color of pink.

(4.) He’ll not care.

(5.) He’ll say something along the lines of, “It suits you.”

(6.) He’ll say something along the lines of, “You’ve finally found yourself! I’m so glad you came out!” (Eh. . . maybe not. XDD)

(7.) Faint.

(8.) I don’t think he’ll freak out. . .much.


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