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Might Miss The Attention

Look! Look! The “Censored” joke is back! XD

Okay folks! This weekend is going to be crazy for me. I have like three concerts and a dress rehearsal so I’m going to be scarce. If I Ustream WaM it’ll be really early on Saturday – like at Noon/1pm EST.

Just a heads up. :D

Go listen to Disco. Now.


Strangely enough, I know almost EXACTLY how Lennart feels about that question in panel 5. You spend all day doing things like weeding the lawn and flower beds, or washing windows, etc, and just because you didn’t do the dishes yet, people assume you’ve been goofing off all day.

Just can’t catch a break, can we hard working people?


I hate that – my boyfriend does it to me ALL. THE. FRIGGING. TIME.

He comes over in the evenings, actually noticed if I haven’t vacuumed/cleaned the widows/whatever, and fails to spot the dozen OTHER chores I ACTUALLY have done. *sigh*

We feel your pain, Lennart…


Oh Vilhelm, rule #1 of owning a home is “there is always something to fix.” Did you think the house magically took care of itself?

Don’t worry, Mordred, I think Brat’s still hanging around…


So it’s going to turn a small swedish town in to batlefield, of two villains, one dragon, hero, magical arifact and two “regular” dudes who can’t stand each others… If it’d be a movie I’d say it would be the best thing of the year.


Yea… logically, I know that the *censored* is terrible, terrible violence… but I still had somewhat less than PG imaginings when I saw it… not quite x-rated, but definitely kinky… I think I want to draw it out for the pairathon coming up…


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