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Might Want A Bandage

Wiglaf needs to stop rewriting the plot. *smacks him upside the head* Anyway; Azrael needs a hug. Someone needs to give him one. Do so. *points at him*

And yes; he’s having a bit of a freak out. I like to think there’s a difference between getting slowly beaten down over a long period of time and having all of your ribs crushed and split out of your skin in a second. But that’s just me.

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“Bad Things” by Jace Everett


I love the last panel! It’s amazing. And I think it shows Azrael’s freak out and Wiglaf’s personality soo well. This is an awesome strip. :D the Orb of Bliss is messing with everyone. Well except for Wiglaf who may or may not realize what’s going on.


Aw, poor Azrael! *hugs him… very, very gently*
And Wiglaf is such a sweetie… now if only he could be sweet AND stick to the script. XD


Aww. I’ve actually almost got tears in my eyes. Poor Azzy.

And now Wiglaf shows Azrael that he is wrong to hate the hero. Mhaha.

I love heroes. Of course, a lot of the time I think they’re stupid (If the villain is only going to try to kill you when you save his butt, WHY save him?) but there are definitely special cases. Such as when you know you don’t have much to worry about anyway.

Sorry, Azrael, but you know it’s true.


Wow…Wiglaf is either REALLY REALLY nice, or that was a subtle jibe for Az to get a therapist. Either way, both would probably help Azreal at this point. That and a LOT of gauze.


Poor Azrael. He’s having such a terrible time. It’s lucky for him that Wiglaf is the compassionate type. Wiglaf isn’t someone who kicks a man when he’s down, and Azrael definitely needs some mercy.

It’s ironic that Azrael is more likely to receive compassion and understanding from his arch-enemy than from his “friend” Grace.


Really, really, REALLy hope that Azreal doesn’t have a punctured lung. That would most definitely not be good.

Anyone want to call an ambulance? I think Azzy needs that a bit more than a hug, right now…

-cough- Anyway. Enough seriousness.

Wiglaf. You made the last panel explode with sweetness and cuteness and all that. I love youuuuuu. Now be a dear and call a hospital, would you? Perhaps the Garrott family doctor would be better, though. On second thought, Mordred can take care of the doctor, you just continue to be profound and touching. And comfort the crazy man who’s not crazy. Or… Not THAT crazy least…

Am I rambling?


“Perhaps the Garrott family doctor would be better, though.”

The Garrott family “doctor” is Galen. Are you *sure* that that would be “better”? :raisebrow:


Oh dear lord. She’d experiment on the poor man.

And then the Valkyries would wreak holy retribution on her.

Hmm… that sounds slightly amusing actually. But I like Azrael too much to wish that on him. XD


…Ooh. I forgot about that.

…Hospital, definitely hospital. Don’t put poor Azzy into the hands of Galen! D:


Awwwwww, the last panel is cute! It looks like Wiglaf is going to be all like, “I’m here for you, Azzy” and give him a hug! :3


The last panel reminds me of small children meeting for the first time and becoming friends…only the injury is a lot more serious.


shouldn’t the valkyries have shown up to nurse azrael by now? their azzy senses MUST be going crazy.


I second this! The Valkyries and Azzy are like Spiderman and Mary Jane. :lol: Cept it’s backwards cause there are three of them and Az is a boy. :/

Azzy, I will not hug you for fear of killing you, but I will pat your head and Wiglaf can hold back your hair if you need to cough up any blood. :worry:


There‚Äôs a difference between getting slowly beaten down over a long period of time and having all of your ribs crushed and split out of your skin in a second… and apparently being suddenly abandoned and betrayed by your constant tormentor and companion of many years…

Though this looks like it could go in an interesting direction… haha, go, Wiglaf! Defy that script! XD


…Sometimes it’s better leaving the character change things. It means they are “alive” in a way, and that’s a great accomplishment for an author. =D

About Wieglaf, even if he believes that Azrael needs a therapist, he’s just really trying to help, without pity or anything. That’s what a “hero” would do, after all. =D


This is why I adore the perfect hero archetype.

More specifically, this is why Wiglaf is the most awesome character in the cast. Great work, Liliy.


I just want to tuck him into bed and hold him DX My baby Azzy

The last panel has me shipping Azrael and Wiglaf now. Don’t do this to me Liliy DX My heart can only take so much! Too much OTPs from one thing will cause me extreme case of delusion!!


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