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Miss The Rush

Azrael hung out with Wiglaf for a while and now he gets to hang out with Mordred. The title pair is split again.

At least at the rate Wiglaf is going, they can all hang out in the hotel as it travels. :P


Just wait for them to realize Wiglaf’s that strong and Boss still somehow holds his own against him.

That second panel is gold, though. No, that’s better than gold…more like platinum, maybe some kind of unobtanium….(actually how is the BUILDING okay? How does it not just come apart being supported by that singular spot? o_O Camlann apparently make it have a REALLY nice foundation, despite it not going in the ground…)


I think Wiglaf has never fought at full strength had he done so he could probably beat Boss in seconds

I pondered about the whole ‘how did he not rip apart the building’ in the last page, I deduced that he uses Near-field telekinesis


Yeah, when Mordred “defended himself” against Wiglaf’s hug, it ended up with Mordred saying “we both know I’m not that strong.”

Wiglaf’s self restraint is perfect, too!


Say, with all the magic gate entities in this comic, is that rock that hurt Mordred from the early days of the comics a magic gate as well?


Ah but the question remains… WHICH two idiots were the ones who fell over?? Mordred would call anyone an idiot so anyone could have been the one to fall, except the artefacts that are still artefacts and are floating, and probably Bliss (falling over when you’re in a wheelchair is not that simple)… but most likely we’ll never know…


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