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Today’s WAM was giving me some trouble. Just, the sketch to laying it out…the whole thing. At least I came up with something I’m semi-happy with.

Color later today. (…this really is becoming a habit…bad me. 0_0 )

Who is this random agressor? Some believe he’s been seen before. In a certain flashback. Details to come. Mwa ha ha ha.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Change the World” by Lee Harding


Ha ha, hardcore Sedrick. I wonder how many other ways he’ll get to hurt that guy. XD Panel 5 is a winner. And hurray for Lee Harding lyrics!


Heh heh. Fantastic. ^_^ Word of advice: Don’t try violence on anyone allied with Sedrick, the master of death. XD Arthur in Panel 5 and Sedrick in Panel 7 both look awesomely smug.


…..i believe i’ve fallen a little in love now. Sedrick, come, we must get married. XD

oh man, awesomeness. XDDD


“Now the crowd can cover me/It’s time to put you in your place”
“Word of advice/Never go for the face”

The first thing that came to my mind was that it rhymed, and was an awesome poem.

Sedrick, you’re a poet and didn’t know it!


Hmm, is it just me, or does the attacker look suspicsiously like Wiglaf? I swear, it could be his brother or close relation, I hope I didn’t guess it already. If I did, I’m terribly sorry, I had no intention of being so good at predicting things :( , if I’m not, then I don’t need to apologize :cool:


He might be, but I don’t think he’s related, he’s not dark enough.

I am quite curious about him though. :P


Interesting… this is a darker and more violent tone than had yet been seen in the story; the only other bloody confrontation was somewhat comical. Is this an intentional tone change?


More or less. While the story is mostly humor, I like to get things serious once in a while. Sedrick’s not a kind person; this is just to remind the audience of such. :happy:


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