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I wonder if there is a cruise ship with the name ‘Valiant’ – I didn’t bother to check.

Mordred is having way, way too much fun teasing Wiglaf over this boat thing.

And I’m having too much fun making him miserable by forcing them to take the long way around to Peru instead of the short cut via Panama Canal~ :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“What’s My Age Again?” by Blink 182


It’s good to see Mordred is still practicing his evil :happy: even if Wiglaf keeps him from using it :D


This should be an exciting voyage, From

Shipping hazards
Several factors combine to make the passage around Cape Horn one of the most hazardous shipping routes in the world: the fierce sailing conditions prevalent in the Southern Ocean generally; the geography of the passage south of the Horn; and the extreme southern latitude of the Horn, at 56° south. (For comparison, Cape Agulhas at the southern tip of Africa is at 35° south; Stewart Island/Rakiura at the south end of New Zealand is 47° south.)
The prevailing winds in latitudes below 40° south can blow from west to east around the world almost uninterrupted by land, giving rise to the “roaring forties” and the even more wild “furious fifties” and “screaming sixties”. These winds are hazardous enough in themselves that ships traveling east would tend to stay in the northern part of the forties (i.e. not far below 40° south latitude); however, rounding Cape Horn requires ships to press south to 56° south latitude, well into the zone of fiercest winds.[16] These winds are further exacerbated at the Horn by the funneling effect of the Andes and the Antarctic peninsula, which channel the winds into the relatively narrow Drake Passage.
The strong winds of the Southern Ocean give rise to correspondingly large waves; these waves can attain enormous size as they roll around the Southern Ocean, free of any interruption from land. At the Horn, however, these waves encounter an area of shallow water to the south of the Horn, which has the effect of making the waves shorter and steeper, greatly increasing the hazard to ships. If the strong eastward current through the Drake Passage encounters an opposing east wind, this can have the effect of further building up the waves.[17] In addition to these “normal” waves, the area west of the Horn is particularly notorious for rogue waves, which can attain heights of up to 30 metres (100 ft).[18]
The prevailing winds and currents create particular problems for vessels attempting to round the Horn against them, i.e. from east to west. Although this affects all vessels to some extent, it was a particularly serious problem for traditional sailing ships, which could make very little headway against the wind at the best of times;[19] modern sailing boats are significantly more efficient to windward and can more reliably make a westward passage of the Horn, as they do in the Global Challenge race.
Ice is a hazard to sailors venturing far below 40° south. Although the ice limit dips south around the horn, icebergs are a significant hazard for vessels in the area. In the South Pacific in February (summer in Southern Hemisphere), icebergs are generally confined to below 50° south; but in August the iceberg hazard can extend north of 40° south. Even in February, though, the Horn is well below the latitude of the iceberg limit.[20] These hazards have made the Horn notorious as perhaps the most dangerous ship passage in the world; many ships were wrecked, and many sailors died, attempting to round the Cape.


No offense, but tl:dr…but I got the gist of it… poor Wiglaf XD hopefully he finds a way to hijack the ship and ground her on a coast before they get anywhere near the cape XP Then he’d just have to walk to peru :D Dragging Mordred with him of course ^^


Wiglaf, pray that you don’t get caught between the Argentinians and the Brits in one of their battles over the Falkland Islands. Honestly, that would be worse than icebergs.

You’re having fun writing these ones, aren’t you Liliy? They’re turning out very well.


Hmm… The Valiant is a motor yacht one can rent that launches from New Jersey…
There’s also a Jork Valiant, which is a container ship…
There were two USS Valiants…
And finally there’s a Coast Guard Cutter named Valiant…

XD But no, it looks like you aren’t insulting any particular cruise ship by renaming it “Titanic II,” just a StarTrek starship with a massive fan following…

Nice choice.


The characters’ facial expressions came out great. I especially like all of Wiglaf’s vivid expressions. Sounds like they have quite a luxury cruise for this trip.


There is also the Valiant from Doctor Who which is an airborne aircraft carrier.


Hopefully what happened on the Valiant will not repeat itself for Wiglaf and Mordred. Although it would be interesting to see how Wiglaf dealt with the Master…or Jack flirting with Mordred.


At this point, I don’t think Wiglaf would intervene either way in Mordred’s love life. Right now, he probably wouldn’t lift a finger to help Mordred unless directly ordered of the villain was in mortal peril.


True, but he is determined to keep Mordred as a friend and he might feel that Jack is trying to take him away from him.


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