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Yeah…no idea what to say. Brain’s stuck on Batman & Superman. Sooo stuck. *noms*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Like That’s A Bad Thing” by Danny Gokey


Wow, the background in this one is really distracting. Makes my head hurt trying to read it.

Typo in the second panel, though: you left a letter out in the word “intentionally.”

Éclat being able to rip up Ben’s magazines implies something… interesting. As does Ben saying that Éclat demanded to be allowed to “run wild.” Seems he can manifest in some corporeal fashion.


I had a feeling that Eclat’s power was some sort of summoning, based on previous dialogue.

Now, though, I think it’s either that he can posses people (maybe just Ben) or that he can materialize somehow.

PS: Another typo, second panel, “angel”


Éclat scares me somehow (even more than Grace does) – but in a good way. He and everything we don’t know yet about him is very fascinating.

PS: Éclat being a french name and *ange* being written in Italics, Liliy could have meant it just this way. ;]


That one’s not a typo; “ange” is French for “angel” (that’s what Madelen was pointing out, except she didn’t say it quite so explicitly).


You’d both be correct. That would be gratuitous French sneaking in. :)


Gratuitous French? If he were an American playing snob using unnecessary French sure. Instead he’s an ESL student using French words because it’s his first language, totally not gratuitous. You’re golden here I’d figure.


I get the feeling Generic and Lancelot are going to hit it off. Sort of an “Odd guys out” situation. All the other guys about to be meeting up have magic artifacts of some sort!


Wiglaf, are you rubbing this in Driver’s face? That’s not very heroic of you. For shame!

Panel four really gives a whole new perspective on Ben’s shakiness/burdened appearance: he looks dwarfed and weighed down by the things he has suffered at Eclat’s ectoplasmic hands even more than the weight of the sword itself.


The alternative pairings are too… interesting. In one alternative we have the threat of boredom inspired, runaway mad-science villainy involving Mordred while Wiglaf is not within arm’s reach to stop it. In the other the seconds pass like hours as fear-sweatdrops roll at the rate of continental drift down Lancelot’s forehead; that second one has the additional problem of what happens if Lancelot steps on Wiglaf’s last nerve in the middle of a fragile airplane.
Dangit, now I wish Wiglaf were sitting next to Lancelot.


Heh heh, Wiglaf gets the seat next to Mordred again. And it’s especially true in this case, because Wiglaf would never tolerate sitting next to Lancelot. XD

Ben’s anxiety over Eclat’s antics is very amusing. XD


Wait… Grace said a long time ago to Azrael that since no one can see or hear him, he’s the ultimate cheating machine. So why is Ben talking about ‘wasting’ his paycheck? He’ll win every time if Eclat (not sure about the accent) is helping him…


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