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Mordred Asked

Security’s not the most reliable at explaining things.

So keep in mind that he might have jumped over some gaps trying to explain things. ;D

But yes. Hey look! Lore or something.

I don’t know.

WaM missed it’s walls of text.


Since his Daddy has magic, I wonder if Wiglaf has some hidden magic in him that he doesn’t know about, that just hasn’t “awakened” (for lack of a better term) yet or atleast has the potential to use magic if someone taught him how. I mean it would be cool


Er, if you remember, Vilhelm isn’t his biological father. That honour belongs to Lennart, who so far doesn’t seem to know any magic.


Okay fine that a side Security did say ANYONE has the potential to use magic so maybe being raised and living with Vilhelm some of his magic rubbed of on him


Erm Lily there is a slight grammatical error

“That Boss’ Cult has managed to contain that power, has me ever worried’

Shouldn’t it be like “That Boss’ Cult has managed to contain that power, which has me worried” or something


Nah, it’s just the vernacular for “(The fact) that Boss’Cult has managed to contain that power, has me very worried.”


Just had a thought imagine if Cannibalistic decided to go after Wiggy as a prime candidate to become an object I mean I wouldn’t put it past the cruel Psycho probably wouldn’t care that he’s Vilhelm’s boy. Would probably say that makes him even more perfect or something.


I….think I understand. Or at least, I’ve got a good idea what Security’s talking about, at least. It does explain why Security tried to correct Vilhelm earlier by saying he’s using science, not magic. My guess it has something to do with transferring energy using a sort of scientific process, rather than the ritualistic methods associated with magic.

Although it does provide me with an idea of Wiglaf’s abilities. I mean…what if he’s also a sort of gate point? Like there’s one in a million born every century or whatever who is a perfect gate point. The stars align and boom. Wiglaf the Mr. Perfect. It does explain why he’s able to do virtually anything with very little expenditure on his own stamina and strength up until the point where Camlann releases his OWN pent-up frustrations.

Like, Wiglaf is just a person who acts as a gate point. As such he’s restricted to the acts possible by a human body. (He can’t fire lasers out of his eyes or whatever.) But Camlann started out as a magical sword, so his limits started out not nearly so defined as Wiglaf’s.

Of course, it’s still just a theory.


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