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Mordred Can Afford It

I’m shocked I haven’t used this title before. But good for me. XD

*pets them both* I hope you both enjoy Jewelry Shopping, boys. Go buy those shiny jewels.

Edit: It Wednesday. Author old and tired. She play video games and crochet. *throws confetti* Been getting into all sorts of new yarn crafts this year and been loving it from renewing Knitting to needle felting and now I have proper pom pom and tassel makers. :3 Being productive even while relaxing is a good feeling. XD I’ll see you guys on Friday.


Hey, where’s Peri? He has green hair too.

(Dooby dooby doo-bah)

(All this green hair made me realize Perimeter has the same name as a certain platypus. XD )


I legit think I forgot Perimeter existed. LOL.

I feel like the author of Dragon Ball that forgot Launch existed. XD


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