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Mordred Did

*yawn* Ug. Need to work on that good ol’ sleep schedule.

This strip has too much going on but I like a bunch of it. xD So yay.

Oh, I finally saw the first Superman Movie. None of you care – but I did. XD *bought all five movies* I shall agree with the masses, Christopher Reeves is an awesome Superman. Could have done with less of his dad Jor-El though. I wanted to fast forward through all his scenes. XD

Oh right. You guys come to talk about WaM. Um. Sedrick got a new profile image! Compare below:

The Lackey, SedrickThe Lackey, Sedrick

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Ballad of Barry Allen”  by Jim’s Big Ego


I like all the different stuff going on in this strip, too. XD Good job.

And also Christopher Reeve as Superman. His Clark Kent made that movie. XD


It just occurred to me that upon Camlann’s demonstration of some of his powers that he might be able to make it so the others can see and hear Bliss, Grace, and (I think his name was just said above) Éclat.


Only if the magic sword realizes that the magic orb is as sentient as Camlann is.

We know that isn’t the case since it only knows that whatever the orb is… it can turn on and turn off a magic killing field and float erratically around it’s user.


Oh well see ya later Camlann maybe next time your human you can just take it easy……maybe Wiglaf will use you more


…..Is it bad I missed Sedrick? Awesome character with waaaay too little screentime. Same goes for the Garrot family!

Huh, maybe Bliss isn’t as innocent as we thought? Pfft, nah, yeah she is.


The other two members of the set (Grace and Éclat) are definitely evil. I think it makes sense to assume that she is too. I had expectations based on Grace but it was possible the other set members were different but after meeting Éclat that seems unlikely.


Its by seeing bliss in the last panel that I finally believe that they are in the same set.

She just didnt seem to fit before, but now she does :lol2:


Bliss is awesome. Fun character design, eye catching, reasonably endearing personality, just fun. Much love there =)

As a side note… yes Camlann is powerful. But Wiglaf has done his best impression of the Last Son of Krypton forever now. Guy tosses around massive strongmen and boulders, hauls massive trees like they’re paper. It works great in story, he’s not a sue or anything, I’m just saying if he started wearing a cape and flying around I wouldn’t bat an eye at it.

So with that in mind, how is Camlann manhandling him? Sure Camlann is powerful, but the scale he/it’s got to match is immense! Is he made of some sort of special metal that causes Swedes to lose their powers? A Swedetonite, as it were? Cause if Camlann can seriously bring enough physical power to manhandle Wiglaf, baring Grace style magic, Azrael should be happy he didn’t step in. 2% of that is way more than 100% of him. <_<


XD YES, this is just OH MY GOD, YES.



*Almost feels bad for Mordred because Bliss may now be hovering about him incessantly, like a puppy, asking for feedback on whether she did well.*


*Remembers that Mordred will probably try to hold this over Wiglaf’s head somehow.* *Settles in to watch the whole thing play out.*

*Admires the effect of the reverse-stoned look with that eye shape among artifacts.* Cool stuff, Liliy.


Ah, the one person not invited coming to crash the party. Always seems to happen doesn’t it? Eclat’s and Grace’s reactions are understandable though, considering how her powers feel for them. I hope they’re far enough away…

Love the choice of music for today by the way. “Ballad of Barry Allen” is a great song.


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