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Mordred Disagrees

Mordred is very not happy that his hair has been ruined. o-o

He worked hard for that look! Again. Gotta’ stress that. Lol.

Edit: It is very fun drawing them all with their old hair cuts again. Brings me back to the early dates of WaM when I was doodling between college classes. With that happen note, I am very tired after work and barely staying awake. I’ll see you guys on Friday with a new strip (hopefully). 


Poor Wiglaf trying to ignore his shoulder devil and also Mordred at the same time to go hunting. XD. Loving the hairstyles.


Mordred’s hair, one of the few things he’s not lazy about, has been altered by forces unknown? Yes, Wiglaf, go beat them! If you let forces unknown get away with this, next thing you know they’ll be forcing Mordred’s hair to lie smoothly, and that would be beyond the pale.


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