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Mordred Got Lucky

Ah, I had so many things I wanted to do for this strip. I figured I’d share some of the ideas that didn’t make it for kicks:

a) Wiglaf decks Mordred.

b) Wiglaf attempts to deck Mordred, but someone intervenes (most likely Driver or Brat)

c) Wiglaf embraces Mordred in a hug and declares he will do anything he can to help Mordred with his problems as cutting hair is clearly a sign of his mental anguish and loneliness.

d) Security shows up and rescues Mordred Indiana Jones fashion swinging on a rope.

e) Wiglaf punches wall and breaks the plaster; tells Mordred to get out.

As you can see, I went in a completely different direction because I wanted to draw that last panel. Hurrah!

If Mordred starts developing an affinity for hair dressing, it’s because I secretly am trying to break my writer’s block with Augustine. I should just pull a Clamp and have good old Augie make a cameo, but I shan’t.

Wow, long post today. Guess that’s what happens when I finish the comic at 11:30 at night. Thanks for reading everyone!


…you left out one. XD

Any of those would’ve been hilarious, though. Will he be doing Brat’s hair next? She seems to be a fan.


Ah, I see Brat is getting wiser. She needs to understand that if you want any semblance of warm feelings from Mordred, you need to REALLY stroke his ego. ^_^

I’m loving the whole “Good Side versus Evil Side” sequence. I love when they do this in TV cartoon shows. Fifth panel: Isn’t is great when your Good and Evil Sides can form a consensus? XD


Wiglaf has two cowlicks, now. *Blinks.* Mordred will probably regret this some day; he just used an “ace” against Wiglaf, so it’s not in his hand anymore. Come do your penance, villain.

I like the muted fractal gradients you used in the decision sequence. Good background choices. :)


Wiglaf looks good with the shorter hair! (I say ‘shorter’ because a guy sporting hair like either Wiglaf or Mordred in real life would still be considered to have ‘long hair’.)
…But then, Wiglaf has looked great with ALL of the hairstyles you have put him in. He pretty much just looks good with whatever! ^_^


You know it is something with both the angel and devil agree on something. To bad he was in the zone for to long, that got all his hair cut.


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