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Mordred Is The Boss

It’s about time he got into trouble. ;D

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season! The new year is fast approaching. o-o

Edit: D&D Ran late and I have work tomorrow. The holidays have thrown me all off, so going to bed early is kind of a must right now. o-o But in better news, ProWritingAid has been very helpful and I’ve been editing more than ever the past week. Huzzah!! :D I might even do another chapter before bed. See you Wednesday for New Years!! :D


So are finally gonna see what Mordred can do? I hoping to see him baffle Wiglaf at some point by putting effort into something.

Also, is Driver going on any dates while they are gone? And is she back on the Garrot payroll? I don’t think it was too clear on how the structure of the organization was reassembled after Sedrick’s mutiny and the Garrot twin’s rejection from the former minions.

Lastly, has Boudica’s manager tried to have Wiglaf come back to perform with her for better publicity? Feels like Boudica got left in the wind after the concert, no mention of her or even billboards in the background when the two stars of the series go traveling. Well, not that I’ve seen.


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