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Mordred Likes The Attention

I missed seeing Security around. And I wanted to draw Mordred in a fluffy bathrobe. And Driver in her nightgown. Today’s strip only followed naturally after that.


Security reminds me of a puppet that pops in and out of all sides of a little theater in a puppet show. He just pops in and out of every place imaginable. XD

Mordred, of course, only likes the kind of attention that appeals to his ego. He hated the smothering kind of attention from his siblings. I like those red curtains in the background. They look very cool.

Whoa — Driver in a flimsy nightgown. That alone makes this edition a special one. ^_^


Mordred in a bathrobe, Driver in a nightie… no comment on the lack of comment on this. :D

…apparently, Security is something of a bit of a voyeur… fits his job, to be certain.


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