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Mordred Won’t Admit It Is

Ha ha ha. Now, is he looking out for Wiglaf or having an odd moment of selfish behavior to keep Bliss all to himself? XD

We’ll never know~

Or we will.

Keep reading. ;D

Edit: I changed the last panel to say “subject yourself” instead of “object yourself” because at least three people have brought it up now (including my Dad). This is a case of me inserting myself into the work. I pronounce ‘object’ and ‘subject’ the same way a lot of the times, so I’ll say the phrase “You don’t want to object yourself” a lot. I’m still probably going to keep doing it. But it’s fixed now. XD


Maybe it’s a bit of both? Or maybe it’s a bit of ‘I don’t want to listen to you complaining about hearing Bliss’s ramblings’


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