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More Amusement

Sometimes I miss drawing more complicated strips (and having the time/energy to do that), but then I draw four panels like this that amuse me to pieces and I’m glad I went back to the four-panel core of the comic where I started. LOL.

I like it when they’re silly. XD

Edit: I should really just change the schedule to every other day at this rate…but then the bar will be lower and my overly distracted self may get worse. So for now. The usual update: No WaM today. I’m taking me time to set up a bookshelf and play video games. XD See you on Sunday!


The interactions are amusing, but everyone knows that Wiglaf doesn’t stick himself to Mordred’s side due to amusement. No, he does so because Mordred was the first person non-family member around his age to not abandon him after knowing him for a week. So Mordred only has himself to blame for his live-in stalker.

…what? You can’t deny that Wiglaf fits that description.


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