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More Than That, Actually

I think Azrael is a masochist. It’s highly possible.

Second, all the fuss over Mordred’s outfit amuses me. Is it really THAT odd he’s not wearing black? I suppose it is. But he’d rather wear not-black than run around without pants or a ripped shirt. So it shouldn’t be that odd he bought a new outfit is it…? Maybe.

Heh. Either way. He’s in Khakis and likes it. Maybe Wiglaf’s rubbing off on him and getting him to expand his wardrobe.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Must Be Dreaming” by Frou Frou


Maybe he got so used to Grace beating on him that he grew into it…?
Love Mordred in the first panel. XD I don’t think he likes being ignored (or if not completely ignored, highly disregarded) too much.


Khakis = less hot in the desert which in turn = more comfortable… I wouldn’t wear black either. Besides, Mordred looks good in them ^^


I see nothing wrong with him not wearing black, I was simply curious. xD

He looks good in that outfit, really. Looks more comfortable too. >>

Azrael is a masochist…? It makes perfect sense, really. Especially sense he has a companion like Grace…>> Just kidding. Or maybe not. :sly:

Even with a new wardrobe, he still refuses not to wear the scarf, eh? x3


Wooooah, totally didn’t notice the new outfit for Mordred at all until now. XD Go me.

It does look snazzy on him though. ;]


At first I was surprised to see Mordred without black, but his new colors are growing on me. Black wouldn’t be practical in the heat anyway. ^_^

Mordred looks cool in those khakis, especially with the pockets on the sides of the pants.


You know what, I don’t really care if Mordred’s in black or not. But the half-pink half-black hair is just cool XD

Mind you, now I’m staring at the hair and how it doesn’t go with the outfit…


This page, particularly the last panel, made me have a dream that Wiglaf and Azrael were secretly lovers, but Wiglaf was wearing a dress. Not that I mind ^_^ Wiglaf is such a cutie anyway


and Wiglaf is just noticing Azzie’s masochism? it was quite obvious for a while…and Azzie’s looks like a girl so much more than usual in the 5th and 7th panels…*giggles madly* oh the thoughts


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