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Mother Dearest

My bad. It’ll totally be up today. XD

Hmm…so this is why people recommend having buffer comics in the case of an emergency. XD Ha ha ha.

Edit: Ha ha, told you it would be up today! So it’s 7:40pm…it’s not that horribly late.

Anyway, Arthur, Janus, Mordred and Boudica’s mother has finally made her appearance! :D I’m sure you can see the family resemblance already.

Phew. Glad that got up. Oh, and if you’ve missed it – here’s my ‘Liliy’s an Idiot’ I had up earlier. :D

And oh, I forgot when you delete the old post the comments go with it. XD Sorry guys who actually commented on my, well… ‘sorry’ message. You’ll just have to comment again! :D


. . . cheater. XD (comment from ‘Liliy’s an Idiot’ post)

I like Madam Garrot; she has a sense of class that everyone else in the comic completely lacks. XD Though I do find it funny that she makes her children do her dirty work for her now that she’s “retired”.


I like Madam Garrott’s elegant style. She brings some admirable dignity and courtly manners to the scene. Very good character portrayal.

Digging Arthur’s look of surprise in the first two panels! ^_^


Uh, I think you got thedialog wrong in the third panel, Auther says ‘So what does brings you to my wing of the manor, Mother’.
i can see why you missed it through, this is my fith time reading it and I only noticed it just now.


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