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Mother of the Year, That


I’m up! I’m up! *looks around* Uh. Right.

*looks at comments*

Janus and Geoffry how they met back story? Maybe down the line. It’s not as interesting as you all think. XD Think “Shotgun Wedding” and you’re good.

“Song Listening Recommendation:

“Marukaite Chikyuu” (Draw a Circle, There’s Earth) – Hetalia


Will we ever see a flashback to the early days of Geoffry’s captivity and how this loving relationship got started? I’ve been curious for awhile now.

P.S. I :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: your comic


Sh! Sh! Sh! Hear that?
I think the internet just spontaneously exploded from a cuteness overload. :lol:


Aw, Safir is very cute. He’s got that adorable pleading expression. ^_^

Janus is really appealing in every way, whether grinning or laughing. She’s got that natural appeal and charisma in her personality. :cool:


This strip is a bit awkward… I think its about time for Geoffry to put the hammer down on something. He’s pretty much getting a total lack of respect from all parties here, including Horatio. I do agree on the Janus/Geoffry backstory though!


D’AAWWW! Safir looks so cute I could hug him… but Geoffry would kick the living crud out of me…
and Janus is right, they do come in handy! :D


How did that last panel coming ever since we 1st met Safir? How can someone be so cruel to someone so cute? :argh:

The flash back story would clear alot up, usefull and could be, but could also be another anoying cliche. Thin line to tread. :/


General reply to “icanhazflashbacks?” petitioners: I’d actually prefer not to know the details. It’d ruin part of the fun. :P


Why can’t Horatio just take the whole family? (Janus’ branch, I mean.) It would get them out of the mansion and away from Arthur! …or something.

Geoffry needs to step up and be a man. :D It’s okay though, he’s funny anyway.


This has absolutely nothing to do with this page, but I just read through the entire 310 pages in one day so I figured it would be best to comment at the end (so far). Is this MordredxWiglaf slash? Because that is how I have been reading it and I wanted to know if it was real or if I should give up hope for the pairing.
You do a really good job, Mordred is my favorite character in the King Arthur myths as well.
You should publish this as a comic book someday, I would totally buy it and I think a lot of other people would as well.
Thats all for now; keep up the good work!

You are AMAZING!!


Ha ha. Officially there will most likely never be any canon Wiglaf x Mordred slash in order to keep the comic open to a wider audience. :)

But wow – all in one day? I’m flattered! Thanks so much for reading! :D


Aww…oh well, it can always happen in my head. : )
I found it when I was searching Mordred and then I couldn’t stop reading…I kept pressing the next button when I got to the end because it had become habit and I didn’t realize it was done. : )


Best online comic ever! :$ Oh, Safir, you just blew up Horatio’s mind with your googly eyes and stuffed wolf of doom.


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