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Moving On Then


He’s so hopelessly clueless. XD It’s going to be frightening when he really does figure out what’s going on. Congrats on the bi-weekly updates. ^_^


Oh, my. Wiglaf’s first known lie.

This is classic Mordred, and some really good profile drawings of him. The shoulder-shift is perfectly expressive.

And… wait. You decided to use the “god” spelling for the sibling’s name, after all? I’m not complaining, just surprised because I didn’t think you liked that variant. Cool!


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m most amused by the fact that I came into this thinking Wiglaf was the idiot, and now I have to come to terms with the fact that Mordred is. I just can’t take it!

Lol, ya’ll.

If you’re doing this twice a week, does that mean you’ve stopped being lazy? Inquiring minds…


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