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Natural Good Looks

Ha ha ha ha. Yes. XD

*hugs readers*


Oh, wow. Well we know how much time in the comic has elapsed since it started.
His character page has him at 25, so he’s been hanging around Mordred for 4 years now.
And very little seems to have changed xD


And that probably means that Vilhelm is probably in his 50′s, depending on how old he was when Wiglaf was born.


So if Wiglaf is 29, how old is Mordred? owo


28 probably.


That seems about right. The cast pages have him being a year younger than Wiglaf(24 to Wiglaf’s 25). So he’d be around 28, depending on whether or not his birthday has passed already.

Ohh, that would make an interesting, arc, Wiglaf trying to plan a (surprise) birthday party for Mordred, who keeps getting in the way and Wiglaf trying to find someway to keep him occupied/distracted.


wouldn’t bliss ruin the surprise though?
or would she go along with the idea?
or would Wiglaf just lock her in a box and sent her in the post so she arrived the day of the party?


Or it could be that for his 30th Mordred tries to plan a party. So he keeps sending him out to do meaningless task to keep him out of the way but Wiglaf being Wiglaf keeps getting them done to quickly. Oh yah and when Wiggy asks about it Mordred just claims it was all Bliss wouldn’t shut up about wanting a party and this was the only way to make her stop talking.

And wow I seriously thought he was like 25 or something with Willy about 40 something.


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