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Near Useless Facts


*wakes up* I have Pair-a-Thon entries to add….later today. I’m sleeping now. XD

*goes back to sleep*

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Near useless facts, is there any other kind short of completely useless facts?


9.8 m/s/s is very useful when trying to calculate artillery trajectories.
A properly calculated artillery trajectory is useful when you have the matching artillery piece, everything (and everyone) you need to run it, and someone you’re trying to blow up way over there.


“Horse drawn carriages… I think I had four.”

I didn’t know I was that right about whether Éclat would have wanted to murder her.


Well, Maybe Grace does like her, in his own twisted/will never admit it fashion. After all, he “likes” Azrael, and looks at what he has put that boy through. :) Or maybe she’s just nuts… :$


She’s a superficial airhead who hasn’t noticed that Mordred doesn’t like her very much yet and has a very… skewed assessment of his character and what he can be made to do. She also is probably repressing some horrible abuse or psychotic fixation or something that sits underneath her airhead surface layer like a rotting corpse in a shallow grave.


“Near-useless”? Like hell– I could find her in history, now, if she was a real person. Get cracking, Mordred. Or Wiglaf.


Interesting tidbits information wise but still to general overall.
Mind you it does narrow things down quite a bit when you start analyzing the data as give.

I believe someone earlier on already pointed out the possibility of the set being french in origin.
Four Carriages – Rich, most likely Aristocracy.
Grace is Older and liked her – OK so they knew each other before they died and he may have been a suitor or acquainted with her family.
Pink Lady – so someone who owned her as an orb afterward.
Lots of screaming – either it was the Revolution or her and others transformation into magical objects – the set so to say. I highly doubt the transformation was pleasant or aided in maintaining a stable personality.

So useful information but still way to general to narrow down unless you had some sort of genius with access to a massive computerized database who could … erm …. Do we know anyone like that? :/


Actually, I think Grace being older comes form the fact he’s from Medieval Ireland. I don’t know about the liking her part though :/
Word of god liliy said they were all made at different times/from different time periods.


A couple of extra points drawn from the tid-bits:

“Horse-drawn carriages”– Implies that she knows of some other method of drawing a carriage; either “horseless carriages” were coming into public consciousness, or she was around when one of those few spectacles where they had ostriches or giraffes draw carriages occurred, or she was living in an (potentially colonial) area where humans were employed to draw carriages but horses were more prestigious. All either very small pools of population, or very specific time periods.

“One of my owners was a pink lady”– Could refer to post-objectification servitude, as you pointed out, but could just as easily be referring to bordello madames. Perhaps indicating a fall from grace or wealth, or perhaps indicating an adoption if taken in chronological reverse.

“It’s all a jumble.”– Indicates either a physically traumatic experience or a mentally traumatic experience. Either way, something significant happened to impact her short-term memory, which then corrupted transposition to her long-term memory. “I remember a lot of screaming” corroborates either the physical trauma from objectification (as you posited) or witness of a horrible disaster (the San Francisco Fire comes to mind, though the disaster could easily have been Bliss-instigated).

Yes. Between what you’ve pointed out, what I’ve added, and a good solid 18 hours of research time, most of us could narrow Bliss’ identity down to twelve or fifteen candidates, were she a real person.


Wiglaf will puzzle it out for us as soon as Mordred stops whining and repeats what Bliss told him. :P That’s what he’s here for—to do the hard work so we don’t have to.


Just to throw it into the theory making – she’s had quite a few years and owners to collect experiences. XD

…and apparently Pink Lady isn’t a generic term for a Greaser’s girl. *looked it up* I thought it was. XD Ah well. Still a reference to Grease. XD


To add to what others have mentioned, Bliss could certainly have been owned by Victorian-era aristocratic families and experienced these things. “Screaming” would have been a big part of the chaos of the many European revolutions that cut down the aristocrats, and she would certainly have seen things like horse-drawn carriages in aristocratic households.


Since her outfit is based on Victorian-era fashion (including her pre-orb one, which is basically like her post-orb one), and a comment I made resulted in Liliy saying that Bliss was “probably rich,” my guess is that it was probably Bliss herself who was an aristocrat.


I must say I really like her outfit :3 Kinda wish she had legs so it’d be easier to cosplay her…

(and that I had more time and energy to make an entry to the pair-a-thon contest…)


I dont know if anyone has thought of this, but perhaps the “lots of screaming” came AFTER she was turned into an orb… after all, Mordred feels like screaming at her!

Also, Bliss looks great in the third panel. Great job!

Yours appreciatively,


Or, perhaps the lots of screaming happened while she was being turned into the orb, I don’t imagine that sort of process would be painless.


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