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Need Savory For That Sweet

Mom’s made a lot of different soups this week, from potato to chicken, so it’s been on the brain. Lol. Also it’s winter time~ The perfect weather for warm soups and food. :D

Thank you for reading!

Edit:¬†Between today and yesterday I’ve walked like 10 miles. That’s not a lot for some people, but for me? That’s a freaking lot. Every inch of me is in pain, but my goal to be more active is happening. XD That being said. Today was also busy so I’m chilling tonight. I’ll see you on Sunday. :D


On one hand, I can’t see Wiglaf easily eating a large bowl of soup right after that massive bowl of icecream. On the other hand, Wiglaf’s strong & active enough that he probably could eat enough for six people a day without issue.


Lol. I’m sure they’ll wait an hour or two between servings. Don’t want to make Wiglaf sick. :P


First of all, it’s Mordred. Do you really see him waiting for longer than it takes for Wiglaf to eat the icecream?

Secondly, it’s Wiglaf, do you really see him getting sick? Dude could provide medical care to people quarantined for something as infectious as Covid and come out mutating the version he caught such that it no longer causes harm and immunises others infected with HIS variant. Having a large bowl of warm soup right after icecream is nothing.


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