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Need To Catch Up

Only 20 minutes late…not too horrible.

It’s not my fault I’m easily distracted by awesome things like Antique Bakery and Hawk & Dove. *cough*

Hey look! It’s our main trio together. XD How long has that been?

Loving Wiglaf today. That is all.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele


Soooo I am going to pop out of lurking to say this.
I agree with Driver in the last panel. Probably more than I really should >.>
And now I will go back to lurking and probably never comment again because this is just what I do -hides under rock-


nyaaaa, you’ll be back… once you start you just can’t stop *sings pringles jingle*

Anyways, LOVE Wiglaf today… beaten up and smiling goofy IS a good look for him. Then again, its a good look for a lot of people…


*Grinning over Wiglaf in panels 4-6.* Sweetie, this sort of thing is what makes heroes like you absolutely wonderful. Screw people who think goody-two-shoes and perfection is bland and boring!


Aw is that Antigue Bakery as in the yaoi you speak of? Excellent. I love that series ^w^

Anyway, very nice; Driver’s all moping about bot being so important to Mordred then he goes and says they’ve been friends forever. How nice of him. And good for her.


Hee, I do love a beaten up boy… um… in pictures yes… ^)^; heh that sounds wrong. I still love him having to recover.


Ha ha, it’s real funny how Mordred blows up in Driver’s face. She was so caught up in her daydream of WAM remembrances that she neglected to notice that her cover was blown. XD

I like Wiglaf’s sheepish smile when he apologizes. And it’s also significant that Mordred once again calls Wiglaf by his proper name. ^_^


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