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New Art Program

I am now a tablet owner. I got a Samsung S6 Lite to try out art programs (specifically Infinite Painter) on a mobile device and I like it a lot, but I think I’m going to stick with Photoshop for WaM. Just for consistency’s sake. Lol. I’ve been using Photoshop as my main art program for pretty much my entire life combined with my little Wacom Tablet and it’s worked well.

BUT! It’s also nice to have multiple tools. I drew today’s strip on my new tablet and imported it to finish off the strip. So that’s fun.

I’m not doing it again, but I do hope to draw more on the go now. XD

Edit: My brain is empty and I had a very long day. Not a bad day. Just a long one. I’m going to chill with Harvestella and Genshin for the rest of the evening. Might draw a little since I’m still trying to find a tablet painting program I like (Infinite Painter is very good, but I’ve noticed some bugs that make me want to shop around). I’ll see you on Friday. XD

Edit 2 – 6/2: My brother dropped by to hang out unexpectedly and we played games for a few hours. Before I knew it it’s after ten p.m. and I’m in a good mood but tired. Might write a little, but otherwise, I’m tapped out for the evening. I’ll see you on Sunday. :D

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