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New Friend

This cold needs to go away.

But I got a comic up.

Writer’s Block is a cruel mistress. And I’m pretty sure you’ve all figured out my favorite method for coping with it by now. :)

*passes out under blanket*


Hmm. I wonder if that little brooch on his overalls that he somehow pulls off is an artifact? If so, what would the abilities of a brooch be? Summoning clothing to the wearer’s body?


Exactly what I was thinking, yet, no name in the tags, Hmmmmmmm
As for abilities, could be anything really, I’m not precisely sure what Prudence, Flair and Facile do, but I don’t think ability is directly tied to what Sort of artifact they are. Grace’s makes direct sense, but E’clat’s could have made as much sense on another sort of object, in my opinion. Just theory and speculation, mind.


They don’t usually get names in tags till a) the spirit actually makes an appearance(Grace appeared a lot in the comic, but wasn’t in the tags until his ‘spirit form’ was shown) or b) liliy names it xD


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