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Next Up Is Purple

At this point I think Camlann’s just having fun taking pot shots from space.

I can’t blame him.


I really want ta know how he’s immortal! I got five bucks still riding on him having eaten a phoenix. Though I’m sure those lines on his torso have something ta do with it.

Also, has Boss fought naked Greek style before? Or actual fought with real Grecians back in the day?


I’m just marveling at Camlann’s incredible accuracy. That was a hit in the dead center both times. His accuracy is 100% bullseyes thus far.


Wiglaf, Camlann’s got him de-transformed and distracted. Now is the perfect time to… I actually have no idea how you’re going to take him out, but this seems like the time to do it.


I’m assuming Boss can still hit Camlann, but I’m also assuming he’d have a hard time GETTING to Camlann.

But if all he does he show up from his ashes, wouldn’t tossing him into a nearby star just give him an infinite death loop until said star burns fizzles out?


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