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Nice To Be Missed

And there ya’ go. The two new promised characters.

Also. Pair-A-Thon. Gonna’ spam you with that. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)” by Elliott Lurie



Geeze, he looks even worse than Grace.
Also, I can’t tell, is that sword wood, or is it just encased in something?


Hehe, got to watch you draw this on ustream earlier, fun times(lol).

I still stand by the fact that Eclat looks creepier than Grace.
Poor Ben, got stuck with him and get rid of him.


O.O *stares* who is this delicious new magic treat. Hello~ Eclat… :)

Mama likes. (Grace? Grace who?)


Aws!! He’s so cute! :love: is he..shaking? poor darling!! I’ll have to add his name onto my “NEEDS A HUG NOW OMIGOD NOW” list along with half of the male cast.. :P

on another note: what kind of sword is our new ghosty sword person over thar??


Ah~ I was waiting for these two. I can’t wait to see them meet up with Grace and Azzie. Unless I miss my guess, that would be at most in… three strips?

Yeah, I can wait. :$


Heh, why do I get the feeling we’ll be getting another new artifact to mordred and Wiglaf’s collection! :lol2:


He speeks…French? Huh.
So, is that a personal-original-culture thing, an all-the-artifacts thing (but they don’t show it), or an Eclat-being-annoying thing?
Also. We now have Grace, Bliss, and…Brightness? Glory? Something like that. I wonder what the next one will be. Maybe something like Strength, to go with the “goodness” theme.
And squee.


You should do a side arc where the WaM group go into a parallel world where they meet thier mirrorvers counterparts. :D :D :P :P


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