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No Complex…She’s Just Hyper

…I have nothing to say really. The strip about sums it up.

Though, I did do some updating to the layout. Like?

Oh, and because I was told to – go visit Patchwork and give my blog some love since it just got a layout upgrade.

Edit: Ha ha…forgot to post a set of song lyrics. *is trying to make a habit*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Sunlight” by Natalie Imbruglia



Svafa is so much fun. XD And I love all the reactions in the last panel. Poor Driver is being smothered with wuv. :love:

Great job on both WAM and Patchwork. :D


Aw, shucks. I suppose that means Driver wasn’t reading a map or driving regulations in the security line, then. It was probably a self-defense manual that didn’t prove very effective. *Hoping the luggage made it off the conveyor belt before Wiglaf fell upon it.*

Nice job on the modified Patchwork ‘blog, and I like your idea of iconning the links bar here at TAWM/WAM. The alternating hilts and roses feels a little busy, but where you’re going with it is appealing.


Made the text bold; helps quite a bit I think.

And don’t be silly – Wiglaf has mastered the art of attacking luggage while it spins on a conveyor belt. ;]


Svafa greets loved ones the same way as my grandmother’s dog when he sees his favorite visitors. :lol2:

I like Brynhildr’s aghast look and gesture. :D

Nice work on the Patchwork blog.


You’re right, Liliy, it is a bit better with bold text– not quite as overpowered. And you mean to tell me that Wiglaf knows how to work on moving luggage without ticking off other people trying to collect their bags or getting in trouble with the airport baggage claim staff? That man really IS perfect!

And Blackford, hurrah for delightful bundles of fur and enthusiasm. ^_^ Plus, I think you’re right: “aghast” is the perfect word for her.


Yes. He is that skilled. *coughs into hand*

Hmm, I was thinking Brynhildr was more on the ‘so embarrassed she could die’ trip…ha ha. But aghast works too. :shocked:


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