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No Hair Ties Allowed

If you’re a patient, that is. Because I’m sure you’ll notice that Brynhildr of the Valkyrie Sisters is still sporting her hair tie.

Ug. I gotta’ start this thing earlier. *yawn* This going to bed at 2 thing is killing me at work. >_< Doesn’t help that they never believe me when my reply to why I went to bed so late was “I was drawing a comic…” *sighs*

Luckily I’m pretty sure they jest. :D

Or I’d be in trouble.

AHH!!!! Morning rants. *_*


I’m good. Really. Last week to get your Pair-A-Thon entries in! We’re up to nine entries and I’m hoping to beat last year’s 11!!


And Mike made me a favicon for my domain. Isn’t it cute? *glitter*  (Edit: Replaced it with one of my own after forming Broken Pocket.)

End Random.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Heavy Cross” by The Gossip


Heh. I like how it looks like the worse her dad got was a broken finger. Though we have no idea what that blanket is concealing. You know, compound fracture of the leg or the like? Still, where did all that blood come from anyway? oO


Ha ha, Driver’s dad has the funniest lines. He really didn’t waste any time before trying to get something out of his daughter’s sympathy. XD

Alas, poor Hagen. She’s too cute to deserve this. XD

The picture of Ricky fast asleep is amusing too. ^_^


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