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No, He’s Not

Whoo! Strip’s up! :D


*passes out*




Edit: Sorry guys, my wrist was/is acting up. (I type all day at my job, and it’s not with the most ergonomic keyboard ever. >.>;;) WaM’ll be Friday! Thanks!

Edit 2: WaM’ll be up late¬†Friday night. I had a rough week, and going to bed early is on my agenda. But there will be an update before Saturday.


….Oh dear. I think I must agree with Mordred that that isn’t Wiglaf. I really don’t think Mister Perfect Hero would sit back and let an innocent be kidnapped by the cult.
…..Perhaps Fuxiyaya has some kind of mind switch powers? Or something like that? I have no idea but I am excited~ =D




And Wigs isn’t tagged… hmm Mordred I think you’re onto something here.


That might be a slip-up on liliy’s part, since the previous page does have Wiglaf tagged(and if it wasn’t Wiglaf he wouldn’t have been tagged last page either). However, the page title does suggest this may not be Wiglaf so, hmm…

And why do people keep thinking it’s Malachi/that he has something to do with this?? That’s not his power. He actually states his powers here->
He can use magic spells and possess Vilhelm, allowing him to use said spells first hand on someone. Malachi is at present, possessing Vilhelm and trying to kidnap Fuxiyaya. He doesn’t even know Wiglaf is there.


Hmm good point about Malachi. But I think Wiglaf not being tagged is too much to be a coincidence. There’s definitely something going on though.


And the title….


Wait… what if it’s Security??? Nobody knows ANYTHING about him… hmmmm.


Not to mention, his very ADHD-esque questions about what sort of camping activities to do earlier were random and VERY much like the way Security speaks. Unless he’s personally invested in the plot, he seems to keep to a very stream of consciousness form of speaking, only focusing briefly to shrug off any questions regarding himself.

Wiglaf is ACTING LIKE SECURITY. And Security just got a memo about something important he needs to do. It just might be too coincidental to be accidental.


What if Wiglaf got possessed or whatever by Security’s arch nemesis or something?


Because I mean, Security only just got ungrounded, so it couldn’t be him pretending to be/possessing Wiglaf.


Just out of curiosity, how much smaller do you think these boxes can get? Like, one letter wide? Two? And I apologize for breaking the conspiracy thought process

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