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No, Lance Didn’t

HAH. You wish Lancelot married that plant. But no, he did not. GeMo is too high maintenance for him. She’s tough enough as a roommate. :P

Security is snickering somewhere in the background.

Edit: Ug. Save for an awesome D&D Session, Sunday was really “blah.” So I’ve decided to spend my couple hours before bed relaxing. xd I’ll see you guys on Wednesday!


Not ready to let Lancelot be taken off the market, eh? XD

So how come Wiglaf hasn’t gone all “The Devil of Bohuslan” yet? Will he? I’m still curious to know more about this old title of Wiglafs.

And I feel kinda bad for Lancelot. That expression in panel two showed some real misery.


That Devil title is only for when Wiglaf is really mad and is going to wreck everything in sight. He hasn’t needed to do that in a while. :P

Yeah, Lance is having a bad day. Lol. Working in the service industry isn’t where he shines (and of course not! He is always on the market lol).


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