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No Need To Shout

I really, really need to stop raising the bar for the art in these strips. XD I’d like to go to bed before 11 sometime.

Brynhildr reminds me of a crazy mad scientist with those goggles on…then again – she sort of is one? Ha ha. Yeah. I need sleep.

Updated WAM Site. New WordPress. New Theme. New Comic Engine. And Now Threaded comments. Have at them. *goes off to bed*

Edit: Fixed the ‘Thorw’ typo in panel 2. *yawn* And now I have to go to work.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Spiritual” by Trocadera


I think the arrows hit a wall beside Wiglaf’s head.

Much amusement in Azrael & Mordred’s lack of doing… Well anything :happy:

And yeah, As KGJ pointed out, Where Brynhildr is throwing the vials it says ‘THORW’. Typo? :raisebrow:


Nice action shots. ^_^ I especially like Wiglaf’s action shot in panel 5. He’s got that big slam move and that look of exasperated annoyance. :cool:

Other favorite part is Brynhildr’s evil smile. :cool: It goes well with her new goggles. Mad scientist indeed, yeah!

The colors for the backgrounds in panels 2 through 5 are really appealing and well-executed. :) You really put a lot of effort into this strip’s art with all the diverse happenings in each panel. Thanks for your effort, it produced a very fun strip! *Clapping*


No, above anything else in this strip I love Mordred.
He doesn’t even consider he might want to help Wiglaf, instead asking Azrael what he isn’t doing anything.
Ahhh, I love you Mordred you are so hilarious without seeming to try.


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