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No One Is Coming

Frame 3 & The Title are actually a reference/ode/shout out to what I consider a crowning moment of awesome for the Transformers Comics. If you get it – I love you forever. (If you want a hint: Cliffjumper.)

The money is my horrible attempt at trying to make £50 Bank Notes.

And the top choice for the first donation wallpaper is Security & Hnæf. Got an idea – just need to find the time to put it on paper since it’ll be at much higher resolution than normal. XD (It has been declared it must fit my Dad’s computer monitor without pixeling…)

oh, and if you  missed it in the side bar – I have a Formspring now and I’ve finally noticed the questions. So I’m actually answering those things now. XD Yay!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Retina and the Sky” by Idiot Pilot (From the Transformers Movie Soundtrack! :D)


Yay for Transformers references. =D And formspring; fun to see you’ve finally succumbed to it.

Azrael certainly seems to have a decent shot at the orb.


I don’t recall us ever discussing Illusion of Gaia or Shining Force II…

Either way, the location of the orb makes me happy for no reason. ^_^


Like the expression change in panel 4.

Yes, the wallpaper has to cover at least a 2560×1600 screen.

A standard stack of bank notes in the US is 100, but those look thicker than that. But even if only 100 per stack £10,000 is not a bad tip ($14,681.00).


I approve, sir.

> Rant Mode

I also wonder how the Nazca Lines will play into this.

As well as if the spider somehow represents ‘Bliss’, and maybe a reason for Grace’s fear of it.
I suppose it could simply be that the Lines are super cool though.

Hmm, Hnæf referred to it simply as ‘Bliss’, which is similar to ‘Grace’. I wonder if that’s it’s “bonded spirit’s” name. And if so, both of the two we’ve encountered have rather tame names for their apparent abilities.

I still wonder how they can possibly keep it out of (perfect) Wiglaf’s clutches.


Well, maybe since the orb of bliss is related to a spider…LANCELOT IS BEHIND THIS!!!!!! :ohhyeahh:


I love that Hnaef gets a nice pile of money for his information and a bonus for keeping quiet about it. He’s got quite a racket going there. :)


Just out of curiosity, what exactly does Hnaef need that much money for? I know he charges exuberant rates for his info service, but I am clueless what he could be spending the money on. Or has this question already been asked and I just missed it?


It’s not so much of him needing money, as trying to control supply & demand – if his prices were cheap, everyone and their mother would be bugging him for information. By keeping them high it significantly lowers the number of people bothering him.

Besides, that network’s gotta cost a fortune to maintain. XD


Plus, you’d have to expect that there are places even Haenf doesn’t have surveillance. I have to imagine he’s got to be bribing people left and right for information.

Information, being a commodity, needs to be obtained, valued, and sold quickly; info loses value faster than any other commodity. A higher origination price is the cost of that speed. Plus, the more people who know it, the lower the demand is, so you have to buy people’s silence.


I wonder…is Bliss a boy or a girl? Grace has shown that names can be iffy, so I’m betting that Bliss might not be as benevolent as they sound.

And I totally thought that the money was red with blood because Azreal killed to get it. Does Hnaef even accept blood-covered money? Don’t try to tell me that’s never come up.


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