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No Real Experience

Hey look! Two people still in the room you may have forgotten.

Today’s WaM was completed start to finish in under 40 minutes. XD Whoo!

I’m so dreading drawing a scene with all six artifacts. Too many colors and detailed outfits. o_o *runs*



I see colour escaped the comic box again xD

Also, I’m a tad confused by Ben’s line there about ‘that guy fighting for them’. Is he, thinking Driver is a guy or something?


One doesn’t get to stick around women and the other one doesn’t feel a thing thanks to certain procedure… Kinda hard to understand those two.


Haha, judging by his smile, Ben doesn’t mind avoiding women. I wonder if he already preferred the company of guys when he found Eclat.


Lily, I say you just draw the artifacts naked and sensor their private parts. And just make the characters not notice their nakedness and all is well


But that would just ruin a whole story that we had with Bliss getting hurt and wanting to know if there was a mark …. the whole “put some clothes on woman” would not have happened.

That reminds me …. where is Bliss? Just how bad is she feeling? Does any of this have to do with her getting hurt earlier?


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