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Considering how many people are at my house for The Forth, be happy you guys got a sketch with text.

A finished product will appear later tonight (sunday night). In the meantime, check out the latest vote incentive – Wiglaf vs Squirrel: Part I. It’s the first part of a mini comic series that will only be available via vote incentives – until the end. Then I’ll post all of them. But until then, the only way to read is to vote! :D *is evil*

*yawn* Long weekend and only longer to go.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“21 Guns” by Green Day


Sketch and text feels a little like a TAWM retrospective; you’ve developed your drawing style, but the process and visual arrangement is still somewhat the same. *Nostalgic.*

“Wiglaf Vs. Squirrel” is excellent. *Chuckles at the squirrel silhouette.* Poor Wiglaf’s in for the fight of his life! I do hope you plan to put the entire set as a poster or something on dA, when you finish. :D


XD Their quarreling is very hilarious. Wiglaf must be very annoyed with all the arguing going back and forth past him. And you did a great job with “Wiglaf Vs. Squirrel.” :D


Can I just say, Mordred is seriously reminding me of Draco Malfoy (from Harry Potter) here… With “mudblood” replaced by “peasant”, of course. And infinitely more snarky.


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