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No! The Tape!

For the record, I think the blood splatter on her outfit looks more like dirty water than mud.

I love Galen. She’s way too much fun. Yay for Mad Doctors!! They make life happy.

Oh, and in life happy news – WAM Has joined TV Tropes alongside True Magic and Emergency Exit. So all you TV Tropers out there can get editing! :D The article is small right now but your’e welcome to it.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Monsters” By Matchbook Romance


I’m wondering a bit if you’ve continued with the swedish thingy here. In swedish, galen means crazy. Translate that word and you get “I am crazy. Just crazy.”


Haha, poor Gawain. He should indeed be very afraid now. ^_^ This is getting very fun. Galen is crazy but lovable. XD


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