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No Time To Change

Ha ha ha. Oh Arthur, you have no idea how obsessed your best friend is, do you?

Run. Run. Run!

*evil laughter*

Actually, Hnæf should really be the one running. I mean, after he’s done cursing Arthur’s existence for not loving him unconditionally, Sedrick’s going to realize he was denied critical, need-to-know, information by a certain boy of his.

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Song Listening Recommendation:

“Wheatley’s Song” by Miracle of Sound


I was going to suggest that someone might just need to smack Sedrick to snap him out of this “phase,” then I remembered Arthur punching him. So that’s out…

But maybe it really only works if you smack the crazy person. Maybe there is a certain “Magic” of “open palm” + “cheek of face” that = restored sanity.

Good luck testing that though, as Sedrick would probably gut anyone who would try at this point…


the more I read this, the more unhinged I realize Sedrick actually is. I reread the early strips a few days ago and was all creeped out by what was going to happen in the future. xD

Not that I want Sedrick to go away or anything. He just needs to be less crazy. >.>


Run Hnaef, run! Your axe crazy papa’s gonna want a word with you!

I think it’s time for a Security intervention. Or Hildeburgh. Either would be good. Yum. XD


So many people have to run now. Sedrick is going to be after so many people now–Arthur, Janus, Hnaef, etc.–that the whole house will probably be full of scrambling people soon. XD Maybe Arthur and Janus will end up being unexpectedly rescued by Wiglaf at some point. It would be the first time in their lives that they would actually be glad to see him. XD


Save Mordred! And it’s not Arthur’s fault, Janus; he didn’t know Sedrick truly meant it when he pledged eternal love and devotion.


This… is way more than a personality disorder. They really need to consider a tranq dart filled with anti-psychotic medication.


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