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No Words Needed

I was going to draw an Easter pin-up, but I remembered I have family visiting from like the 3rd to the 11th. Lol. I’ll have my laptop so I can write/type and what not, but I probably won’t be able to draw. XD

So I will see you all on Friday, April 12! Have a wonderful break and see you then! :D

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I missed the previous page being uploaded, so I’ll respond to it here.

As Wiglaf isn’t being paid for his Hero Work, he is still, technically, unemployed. At best, if he is given occasional reward-money for his Hero Work, he could be considered self-employed in an industry that gives infrequent but high-profit payouts.

Kind of like how the optimal form of theft is either through constant low-yield payouts (akin to how Banks are supposed to make their Credit Card profits), or through rare extreme yield payouts (aka, movie huge-score theft). Scammers try for both on different targets, either tricking a corporation out of a minimum of a million dollars, or scamming everyone they can reach for ten dollars a success.


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