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*wakes up* Wha? Comments? *looks at strip* Sedrick looks good in the uniform.

*goes back to sleep*


I… guess that says something good about Sedrick’s self-discipline.

Ooh! Ooooh! Flashback! Flashback, please! Let’s see the TV ultimatum! :D


Hnæf is always ready to pop up randomly, isn’t he?

And, this has nothing to do with this strip, but where does Driver get her way of speaking from? Everyone else has relatively good enunciation, but she just….frankly, she sounds like me when I’m not having to speak properly….


Driver picked up her accent from her father. ^_^ She can normally keep it somewhat under control when she’s calm, but the angrier she gets the more slurred her speech. *nods*


Hnæf is just to cute! *looks up at vent in room* i wonder…does he climb in other people’s vents…*shrugs* eh well…can i haz a hug from Hnæf?…please?


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