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Not a Brother Complex

Sedrick is constantly reminding himself that he likes Arthur. For if he doesn’t he may just get aggravated enough to whack the man in the head.


With a lead pipe.

Anyway. Got through A Nightmare on Elm Street Part Three: Dream Warriors. Pretty good; but I can definitely see the progression of ridiculousness.

But that doesn’t matter.

How To Tame Your Dragon

Go see that freaking movie. It’s amazing and I love it and *squee* Hiccup & Toothless had more on screen chemistry than just about any pair of anything in a long time. And the effects/scenery were more enjoyable to watch than Avatar. “Flight Scene” – that is all. Not to mention it’s the first time I’ve seen a kids movie where there were permanent consequences to the character’s actions.  Just. Go see it. Now~ I’m tempted to go see it again. XD

And Arthur would like to remind you all that he does not have a brother complex of any size, shape or sort. Not at all. Zip. None.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Brother My Brother” by Blessed Union of Souls


If that’s not a brother complex Arthur has more serious issues than could probably be addressed in a PG-13 comic… XD

And yes: How to Train Your Dragon. So much better than Avatar. All should see it’s amazingness. It has to do spectacularly so we can get a sequel!


Of course not! Why would anyone ever think he obsessed over his little brother on a 24-hour basis?

Incidentally…. quota? So Hnaef belongs to Madame Garrott? Or has Madame Garrott intimidated Hnaef into limiting intelligence to Arthur Jr. about Mordred for the health of both her boys?


Brother Complex? :/ I don’t see a brother complex… :raisebrow: it’s as mysterious as that bunny everyone was talking about… :]


Poor Hnæf, if I were you, I would have stayed hidden in that vent. :(

And of course Arthur doesn’t have a brother complex, not at all, not one bit, he’s just ripping Hnæf’s hair out for information on his brothers whereabouts because that’s completely normal. Yup, sure is. ~<3


He’s not paranoid if what he’s afraid of is real.
He doesn’t have a complex if his brother is in serious trouble if he doesn’t know his whereabouts.

They are, of course. Mordred is in serious danger. Terrible Horrible Danger, of some sort or other.


I feel like if Hnaef had stayed in the vent Arthur would have just reached in and pulled him out, like a cat under a bed :D


I do have to admit though, it is kind of cute how much he worries over his little brother. It tends to spoil Mordred’s fun a bit though, huh? Wait, would it be defined as fun in his case? Anyways…love the page. I wonder if he can get the information out of Hnæf before he pulls himself out a hand of hair…>>


That looks painful >.<
The lyrics today remind me of a movie I used to watch over and over again when I was a whippersnapper. Something about clones fighting, and a boy yelling,"stop!" and getting caught between laser beams and getting turned to stone and then his electrical mouse starts crying and everyone else starts crying and then he is better and everyone's memory is erased THE END. It just goes to show you that perfectly symetrical fighting never solved anything, but crying always works! :D


And a certain movie I saw when it came out in theatres~ And own the soundtracks to (both the soundtrack & the score)~


LOL I have that movie on tape along with the extra Vacation scene along with the soundtrack XP Don’t have the score though.


Because it annoys me when everyone talks about movies that sound totally freaky awesome and everyone is conspiring against me. Again. =D


“Electrical Mouse” should be a big tip-off. Above movie being said first movie in the series staring a certain psychic voiced by the awesome Dan Green.

And it’s just fun to dance around actually naming the film.


i’m still totally confused. The only electrical mouse I can think of is… Pikachu? :raisebrow:


*rings a bell* Yup~ :D PikaPika~

The scene where Pikachu’s clone slaps him while he just sits there and takes it gets me every time. *sniffle*


:shocked: Seriously?
This is the first time Pokemon has ever sounded remotely interesting…


Really? The first movie was really good. XD Second & Third are decent – 4th is awesome (my personal fav), 5 is good & then I stopped keeping up after movie 6. XD I loved Pokémon I watched the first three seasons quite faithfully. XD

But yeah, the movies always had plots that went beyond Ash & Co capturing and training Pokémon. The first movie revolves around Mewtwo wanting to destroy the world after deeming pokémon and humanity alike inferior to himself and his clones. You should check it out. :D


Was the Vacation scene the short with an all-pokemon resort, or something like that? I remember that every time I watched it, I would cry when Charizard got stuck. And yet I never cried watching the Lion King :/
But yes, I haven’t seen any of the movies in years, but I still remember all these random details :P I should watch them again some time


Poor Hnaef. This is the worst time for him to be on Arthur’s bad side. XD Arthur just turns into a force of nature when Mordred is involved.

I like the three panels with Sedrick too. Yes, Sedrick’s right, Arthur is too busy flipping out to listen to him at all. XD


Oh dear, poor Hnaef. :D

And poor Sedrick – he can’t even punish Arthur for ignoring him by witholding sex, because they’re not having any. :P


Guess what?

How To Train Your Dragon looks like it’ll be available as one of the first 3D movies for the Nintendo 3DS.

You may all now squee. :P


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